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In Episode 4 of The Disciplined Troublemakers, our exceptional guest Anthony Nitsos delves into the SaaS industry’s evolution towards a targeted go-to-market approach. Explore product pricing strategies and negotiation dynamics, influenced by business expert Frederick Pohl. Uncover Anthony’s expert guidance on navigating SaaS finance and overcoming market disruptions. Gain valuable insights into the CFO’s pivotal role in managing cash flow and key metrics like ARR and NRR. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the SaaS landscape, filled with practical advice for CEOs and founders tackling today’s obstacles.


“Businesses empower individuals to fulfill responsibilities and care for loved ones effectively.” – Anthony Nitsos

“Every decision impacts profit and cash flow. Understanding their origins improves effectiveness, especially for C-suite executives.”- Anthony Nitsos

Featured in this Episode

Anthony Nitsos
LinkedIn: ​​


00:00 – Introduction
03:51 – Operations: Cash runway and sales growth vital
08:01 – Shorter CEO terms allow more focus
12:11 – Consistency in strategy and vision is crucial
14:42 – Understanding value of recurring revenue and evaluation
18:05 – Problem? Bring a solution, valuable for clients
23:03 – SaaS Gurus help CEOs price contracts strategically
24:28 – Negotiation involves determining what market will bear
27:32 – $500,000 ACV, $50,000 Contract: CFO’s Focus
32:56 – Shifting to exponential growth, struggling VC-backed SaaS companies
36:10 – Valid product, strong market strategy crucial. Executing both
37:55 – CFO role extends beyond finance, sales, marketing
41:05 – Overcoming technical details to move forward successfully
44:35 – Exciting and dynamic place for teams and technology
54:44 – Outro

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