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Negotiating with a Psychological Edge with Al McBride

In this episode of “Disciplined Trouble Makers,” negotiation and communication coach Al Mcbride shares valuable insights on the complexities of negotiation. Discover the impact of emotions and mindset, the value of trust and rapport, and effective strategies for creating deals. Join host Scott Shagory and Al Mcbride to gain a fresh perspective and practical advice for navigating negotiation in today’s business environment.


“Exercising bravery involves taking a step outside the familiar confines and expressing your needs with assertiveness.”–Al Mcbride

“Negotiation is all about adopting better rituals, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and being mindfully aware.” – Al Mcbride

Featured in this Episode

Al Mcbride
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00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – The Pressure on Business Leaders: Balancing Emotions in Negotiation
10:06 – Mutual Benefit in Negotiation: Going Beyond Self-Interest
11:52 – Embracing Vulnerability: Clear Goals and Authentic Negotiation
20:48 – The Significance of Strategy: Navigating Negotiation with Clarity
26:12 – Role and Identity in Negotiation: Taking Ownership of Emotional State
29:34 – Operational Fitness with Purple Finch Group: Assisting CEOs
38:16 – The Cost Breakdown Gap: Crucial Knowledge for Salespeople
44:06 – Enlightenment Through Philosophy: Personal Growth and Methods
45:30 – Gender Differences in Negotiation: Personal vs. Cause-driven
51:51 – Condensed Wisdom: Books as Vessels of Knowledge
56:17 – Honesty and Caution: Building Strong Interpersonal Relations
01:00:35 – Conclusion

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