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Welcome back to The Disciplined Troublemakers. In this episode, we explore forecasting and financial systems for risk mitigation and business performance. Daniel shares a story of a startup with cash flow problems despite a successful product, emphasizing the need for financial management. We discuss strategies for tech CEOs to increase company value through profit generation, recurring revenue, and task delegation. We also address the aspects of preparing a business for sale, including planning, externalizing finances, and using technology for growth.

Join us to enhance your business skills and position your company for success. Let’s dive in!


“In our ideal world, sales keep the operator constantly scrambling. That’s the right level of growth.” – Daniel Sweet

“If your profit is fine-tuned to break even and avoid taxes, that’s great until you sell, because a multiple of zero is zero.”  – Daniel Sweet

Featured in this Episode

Daniel Sweet

00:00- Introduction
07:19- Market Gaps & Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs
11:32- Struggles in Small Business Management
19:04- System Challenges & Instant Insights
22:34- Retaining Ownership: Strategy Discussion
24:25- Consequences of Poor Financial Planning
29:04- Exponential Growth: Contact Scott at Purple Finch
30:53- Leveraging Experience for Growth
35:47- Tech for Efficiency, Not Job Cuts
38:23- CRM & Staff Training for Success
39:37- Practical SaaS and Tech Strategies
44:40- Navigating Financial Uncertainties
46:27- Financial Focus for Successful Selling
50:40- Summit for Freedom & Happiness
52:49- Complimentary Speaker Access
57:20- Effective Tools for Small Businesses
59:24- Outro

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