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Our Approach
Have you been looking for a way to get your technology company out of its comfort zone and gain true market recognition?

At Purple Finch Group, we understand the importance of unlocking the genius within your organization. We have experience helping tech CEOs break through industry barriers by harnessing their true creative power—what makes them unique—and leveraging it to solve their customers’ biggest problems.

“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.“

Thomas Edison

Take your business from being just another item on the tech shelf, to being a trusted partner that can bring real solutions and significant value to its customers. With our help you’ll be able to reach greater heights more quickly than ever before.

who we are
Scott Shagory
Founder & Principal

Scale + Strategy
20+ Years in Tech + Defense
6+ Years Advising Startups
Grant Teeple
Purple Finch Advisor

M&A Attorney
Buy + Sell Side Acquisitions
$1B+ In Transactions

DeAnna Rogers
Purple Finch Advisor

Inside Sales, Monetization
Recruiting + Logistics
Live + Virtual Events
Roland Frasier
Purple Finch Advisor

1,000+ acquisitions + exits
6 INC Fastest Growing Cos
$4B+ Portfolio Sales
7 $100M Companies Built
Richard Lindner
Purple Finch Advisor

Operations + Optimization
Leadership, Management
5 Acquisitions + Exits
Grant Teeple
Purple Finch Advisor

Marketing + Growth
Founder Digital Marketer
17 acquisitions + exits
Seven 8-Figure Businesses
Our Story

We have always had a strong affinity for technology entrepreneurship and CEOs who found their own firms to put a dent in the universe.  Having spent 20+ years in major U.S. defense and technology firms and helped startup founders find product market fit, we have a unique lens into the kaleidoscope of opportunities for companies with revenues of $2m+ and accelerating.

Michael Wellman
Virgil Security
Founder & CEO

“Scott transformed our capacity for scale. We were doing well enough before, but his scalability model enabled us to take our operational fitness to a level that we could only have aspired to 
before we met him.”

Simon Bowen
Models Method
Founder & CEO

“Scott has crafted a powerful framework that helps companies move beyond their industry’s perception of their technology to redefine what’s possible. The visual models he has created to communicate that framework helps teams to crystalize the unique insights and value that they bring to market so clearly, that client’s always feel they are not just going to be supported – but defended as the hero in their own story.”