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Are you a technology CEO with ambitions to reach the next level?

We help tech companies demonstrate how they are uniquely capable of solving their customers’ most pressing needs.

We will work with you
every step of the way
The Purple Finch Group understands what it takes for tech CEOs to turn their company into something truly unique.

Our approach is to help you achieve exponential results by implementing innovative frameworks and models that expand what you thought was possible for both you and your business.


Our specialized frameworks and models are designed to unleash exponential results and reshape what is possible for you and your business. We will help you overcome the struggle and reach new heights.


The qualifying criteria that we follow are annual revenue of $2m or above, annual growth rate of 10% or more, and an annual profitability of 10% or more, or a well-defined pathway towards profitability.

Our Story
With over 20 years of experience in major U.S. defense and technology firms, we have a strong passion for technology entrepreneurship and admire CEOs who establish firms that make a significant impact.
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